Want to enjoy the fresh air of summer evenings without any problems?

Diados Mosquito nets are the perfect solution - Invented to provide comfort

Types of nets

Mosquito nets are an important and practical element for your home. By equipping windows, doors and blinds you protect the house from insect invasion.

Designed to provide comfort and safety, the DIADOS team offers you the most innovative and modern products.

Pleasant design

Insect isolation

Easy to maintain

High lifetime

Comfort and safety




Fixed nets
A real shield against mosquitoes and other insects. Fixed nets are easily mounted and disassembled, they do not affect the aesthetic aspect at all, and are very durable, they are easy to clean and have a long service life.

Embedded in the opening nets
This nets are perfect if your windows have grillers or roller shutters, and there is no space for mounting a standard net, they can be easily removed. The net is gray with a fine fabric so that it does not affect the external visibility.

Vertical roller nets
If you have a hard-to-reach window, the vertical roller net is the perfect solution, takes up little space and has a modern design. Opening and closing is made very easy, by manipulating the drive cord and the folding handles.

Horizontal roller nets
The horizontal roll insect nets are easy to handle and offer a modern and luxurious look to your window or door. A wide range of rails allows the installation of the net against insects in different variants.
Roll nets embedded in the box of the roller shutter
They are made with aluminum casing and guides with wind brushes, the light gray carbon fiber mesh gives a nice aesthetic look to your window.

Why choose Diados?

For 21 years we have been bringing comfort to your home. The wide range of products and innovation are the reasons why Diados acquired the leading position in the European market. We are the first to bring innovative window technology and the joy of living safely.

Impeccable quality

We offer our customers complete solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Custom Design

The idea of the client must correspond to his needs, Diados always tries to combine the desires of the clients with the functionality.

Meet the deadlines

We value the time of each customer, we comply with the terms specified in the contract. Responsibility is one of the qualities that define us.

High quality materials

The brand with the best thermal and soundproofing.

The working process

We offer the best value through excellent quality and professional services

01. Consult

Diados qualified specialists will help you make the best choice for you and your home. Order a free call or consultation now.

02. Design

Our engineers design for you the customized design, the Diados products always combine the client's wishes with the functionality.

03. Creating

Your order is made with great care of high-quality materials in our production workshop.

04. Deliver

Once completed, your order is safely shipped to your home or office. The service is free.

Diados in numbers

Years of experience and the number of satisfied customers
characterize us


years on the market


recommended customers




satisfied customers


Professional team, friendly managers, engineers and technicians who ensure professional assembly.


Diados takes care of its customers and provides a flexible system of discounts, in order to offer the best price-quality ratio.


The planet is in danger, we make sure that the production process meets all standards and we offer eco products.


Our clients are our greatest achievements, it is our commitment to offer you the highest level of personalized services.


The correct installation plays a decisive role in the functionality and lifespan of the product, we offer the highest quality services.


We negotiate the best possible prices from our top partners.


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